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Who we are?

KD Kingdong Private Limited is a website designing company based in Mumbai, India that offers a comprehensive list of services to meet all your web design and development needs. Our experience combined with innovative design guarantees that each website we create will deliver a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that not only reflects your company’s vision, but delivers solid conversions. It is one of the services that we offer right from the time of our inception. There are various solutions that we can stitch together for our clients. These include development of portal, creative web designs, website re-design, corporate branding, and much more.
Our main focus at the time of web designing is the end user. There are times when websites are too creative, and that doesn’t augur well with the needs of the users. On the other hand, websites that are completely bland aren’t what a company needs either. We strike that balance by offering creative websites that are designed while keeping the users in mind.


Online bookings, rebookings upsells and more


Fast and automated billing, a mobile POS and best-in-class rates


See exactly what you want, without any manual effort


Built-in marketing that's automated and impactful


Need help managing and growing employees


We make stock management easier and more profitable


Why we suggest Kd KingSoft?

KdKingSoft brings clients and service professionals together more efficiently and more often. The website allows the manager to manage their service details as well as client details very efficiently and in real time. And provide them clear vision to their own business and opportunities to grow the same.

We have a multiple software solutions for every service professionals. Our Service delivery application is way to handpick top professional and connect them with the end users. Our software can minimize the workload and tasks to remember with easy access by our application on a go. We design software according to the clients need and their professions like, we have different software’s for Doctors, Salons, Gyms, Hotels, Automobiles, Builders, Retails and many more. It is very convenient to keep a track of each and every client on a fingertip as our application is user friendly and responsive for mobiles too. So make life easy and your pocket heavy with our application. Get this application which is packed with all required and fancy features which will give real time experience to users and great profit to you.


  • Organizational Charts. (An eye view to your business.)
  • Access across any Smart Device and from Globe.
  • Walk-Ins, Booklet Discounted, Discounted.
  • Calendar view, List View.
  • Organizational Charts. (Dashboard)
  • Access across any Smart Device and from Globe.
  • Profile, Revenues, Payroll
  • Generate employee salary slip
  • Sell your retail products with invoice
  • Customer appointment booking invoice
  • Manage retail products stock
  • Manage In Stock/ Out Stock
  • Sell retail products
  • Attendance Management.
  • Bulk Import/ Export Customers.
  • Create individual customer records
  • Promotional Messages to customers

Enhancements for First year Services*

  • Appointment Confirmation SMS and Mails.
  • Customer’s real time booking through online Web-site.
  • Digital invoicing to Customers.
  • Your own infrastructure, cloud computer setup, Customized theme.
  • Easy management for chains with multiple centers*
  • Engaging Customers on their Special occasions like Birthday, Anniversary.
  • Notify Customers for revisiting you on a time frame.
  • Smart attendance management through BioMetric/Wifi setup*
  • Queue system. No waiting for customers*
  • Insights. Data Science. Evaluations of promotional offers*

*On priority and * implementations would be chargeable. The above is only applicable for 1 year membership plan with us.

Our Process

  1. Demo & Discussion

    Showing all the features of our software

  2. Idea from you

    Getting the idea what is more required by client

  3. Payment and charges

    Based on the new requirements charges may differ

  4. Implementation

    Based on the new requirements by client we implement those in given timeframe

  5. Review

    New features will be reviewed by client.

  6. Confirmation & Final Payment

    Once the reviewed is done, remaining payment is released by client

  7. Deliver

    Deliver the software with admin login credentials and final demo

What our clients saying

Our Packages

Below Prices are applicable only for Doctors, Salons, Gyms***



Minimum 3 months membership is mandatory

1 Year


you will get 10% off on this plan

3 Years


you will get 15% off on this plan

5 Years


you will get 20% off on this plan

10 Years


you will get 30% off on this plan

Monthly Package

This plan is For 3 Months only

*All prices are in INR. Do give us a chance to have you as our member for 3 month.

  • Maintenance Charges : 0/-
  • Savings : 0/-
  • Discounted Pricing : 2500/-

yearly Package

This plan is For 1 year only

*All prices are in INR. Do give us a chance to have you as our member for 1 Year.

  • Maintenance Charges : 0/-
  • Savings : 3000/-
  • Discounted Pricing : 27000/-

Yearly Package

This plan is for 3 Years

*All prices are in INR. Do give us a chance to have you as our member for 3 Years.

  • Maintenance Charges : 10000/-
  • Savings : 16200/-
  • Discounted Pricing : 85000/-

5 Years Package

This plan is For 5 years

*All prices are in INR. Do give us a chance to have you as our member for 5 Years.

  • Maintenance Charges : 20000/-
  • Savings : 36000/-
  • Discounted Pricing : 136000/-

10 Years Package

This plan is For 10 Years

*All prices are in INR. Do give us a chance to have you as our member for 10 Years.

  • Maintenance Charges : 45000/-
  • Savings : 108000/-
  • Discounted Pricing : 241500/-

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Poisar, Kandivali West, Jai Bhim Sanjay Nagar,
Kandiwali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400067

022-49744255, +91-8699579573

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